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Beaming Live Streaming Video from my PC to my Roku via Twonky

I thought Twonky would allow beaming of any streaming web video from my computer to my Roku once I downloaded MyTwonky and the Roku app. However, it looks like it is restricted to "channels" that have cached video, which is pretty much what I can get from any number of Roku channels, and I don't have to go thru my computer. I was hoping to be able to stream live sporting events that I can get on my computer that don't have their own Roku channel that allows direct viewing on my Roku . Am I missing something? If not, I'm not sure Twonky has any value to me, as I get all of the cached video I want from other channels, and if I want to see a picture slideshow, I'll plug a thumb drive into my Roku and watch it that way. Thanks.
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