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I’m bummed

HDCP Unauthorized. Content Disabled....???

Hello! Having some issues while beaming videos from my Twonky Beam app on my iPhone 4S to my Roku 3. I read an instruction guide on how to do this on, and the following is what I did and also the problem I'm having. I installed the new twonky app on my Roku 3, by adding it from the private channel adding section on the roku website, and that seemed to work fine, because I saw the channel pop up on my channel list. I downloaded the Twonky Beam app for my my iPhone 4S, selected the display device as my Roku video player within the Twonky Beam app, and tried to beam a youtube video by clicking the "beam" button when it popped up. On my tv, I could hear the sound come through of the video, but all I saw was a blank screen with "HDCP Unauthorized. Content Disabled" spelled out. I tried this with several videos and it kept saying the same thing on my tv. I even went over to different video channels within the Twonky Beam app on my phone to see if it was just YouTube, but I kept seeing the same thing. I've checked on everything I can, and can't seem to figure out what's wrong. The Roku and my iphone are also both connected to the same home wifi network. What's wrong?
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