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Twonky Beam for Windows?

Is it possible to use Twonky Beam to start a stream directly from Windows desktop to my Roku instead of needing to use a portable device like my iPhone for control? Apparently it's not MyTwonky. Is there a Twonky Beam app for Windows? (I love Twonky Beam so far, esp. since it works with the antique version of Twonky server in my Iomega NAS).
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  • Ok, I think I'm getting it after reading all the sources I can find. Twonky has deliberately disabled all means of using Twonky Beam from a PC by getting rid of the browser plugins and Why don't they just say that instead of giving vague answers pointing people to the iOS and Android apps?

    I don't really get why they don't want PCs to use Twonky Beam. Surely not everyone who has a Roku is also guaranteed to have an iOS or Android device, or want to use it for this purpose. I can't see how it benefits Twonky to require that.
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