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Twonky bean on roku

I'm attempting to play twonky beam on my roku but can't find the channel to do so. How do it do this?
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  • Hello,

    You can follow the below given steps to install Twonky Channel on your Roku devices:

    1.Access the following link from a PC-based or mobile browser yo install Twonky channel:

    2. If you are not already logged into your Roku owner's account, you will be asked to enter the account credentials, or to create a new account if you don't have one yet.

    3. When asked, acknowledge that you want to install the app on your Roku box.

    4. On your Roku box, enter the Channel Store app, then exit it. You should see a "Checking for updates..." message followed by a message indicating that the Twonky app is being installed.

    5. Check the end of your app carousel. You should see the Twonky icon.

    To view your personalized Twonky channels, playlists, and bookmarks, link the app to your Twonky portal account like this:

    1. Run the app and click the "About Channel" icon from the first screen.

    2. Choose "Connect MyTwonky Account" from the next screen.

    3. If you are not already logged into your Twonky portal account, enter your portal credentials when asked.

    4. You should see a web page asking you to enter an activation code. Enter the code that was displayed on the Roku screen. Hit submit.

    5. If the operation was successful, the Roku app should shortly recognize it and show an informational message to that effect. You can also click "Done" to force an immediate check of account link status.

    6. Once linked, you should see additional top level carousel items like "My Channels", "My Playlists", and "My Bookmarks"

    7. If you wish to disassociate your portal account from the device, go back to the "About Channel" screen and choose "Disconnect MyTwonky Account".
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