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Twonky can't find Roku device on my network

I have Twonky channel successfully installed on my Rodu and have downloaded Twonky 7 on my Mac. I can Beam from my Ipad and Iphone to Roku just fine but when I try to Beam from my PC (with Twonky server running) it does not find my Roku device. I also happen to have Apple TV and it finds Apple TV as a device just fine but cannot find the Rodu device. The Roku device is obviously working (as I said, my IPad and IPhone can see it) but I can't see it from Twonky Server on my Mac in order to Beam. Note however that if I bookmark a video or set up a channel on my Mac, it is synced with Twonky on my Mac. Its just the beaming function that does not seem to work. Any assistance or suggestion would be appreciated....Thanks in advance....
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