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Twonky server 7.0.9-RC3 doesn't support DIVX and mpeg2 DLNA w. Viera TV

Dear Twonky Experts,
1/ Twonky manager ver. + Server ver. 6.0.28 installed on pc, managing round about 280 videos (mostly avi (divx, mpeg2, ts) and pictures (jpg) in several folders, displaying it on Panasonic VIERA DLNA certif. PLASMA TV.
2/ New acquisition (2 days ago) Medion MD86517 NAS network hard drive 1TB w. preinstalled Twonky server premium ver. 7.0.9-RC3.
3/ Same video files copied to the video folder on Medion network harddrive. Both server are recognized by TV and listed.
Problem: all video files are played well over pc installed twonky media server (6.0.28). Same files installed on network hard, accsessed over twonky server installed on the same hard (7.0.9-RC3) although listed, are marked as not readable and canot be played. The software on hard is accessable only over web based config. sw. with no option to be changed. Due to the already posted problem (Problem with Panasonic VIERA P55VT20 and Twonky Special >= 7.0.9) the problem i known. Question: does Twonky has any suggestion or update or even better an downgrade to 6.0.28 ver. ready. Since the gear is new the best way would be an official update best released through Medion. Thanks in advance for your replay.
best regards Drazen
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