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Why doesn't "Beam All" work?

I have been using the Twonky Beam app for awhile now and just tried to beam my music from my iPhone to the Roku today. It worked, sort of. Some of my songs (maybe they are the one's I purchased from Apple) wouldn't show up. Also, the beam all didn't work. As an example, I have the Remixed and Revisited Madonna CD and some of the songs are on my iPhone. I selected the album in Twonky Beam, pressed the "Beam all" button but I have to start each song instead of them playing one after the other. I'm sorry if I'm asking a questions someone has asked before but the FAQ is really unhelpful to someone who is tech unsavvy by answering questions I don't have and this support forum isn't easy to search. Thank to anyone who can help. BTW, this also happens when I try to watch YouTube videos.
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