2 Little problems

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2 Little problems

Postby Marcus » Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:49 pm

Problem 1
I seem to be getting slight stuttering on NTSC files on my DSM-510, noticeable on pans and on movement. Like every 100th frame is missing. Anyone got a suggestion
I rip both pal and ntsc discs using magic dvd ripper on it's original mpeg setting to create a dvd quality copy with the 5.1 soundtracks (then stick the disc in the loft 8) ) This problem isn't noticeable on Pal rips. I can't seem to find a way to set the d-link box to ntsc so it might be trying some sort of pseudo standards conversion, if it is it's not doing a bad job.

Problem 2
Every once in a while the whole playback freezes, either for a moment, sometimes for 10+ seconds.. and then resumes. There is no great pattern to this fault. It may do it 10 times in 5 minutes, or not once in 2 hours.

I don't seem to have any other faults with the system.


Compaq TC-3100 Server 1gb Ram,
Windows 2003 server running Twonky 4.4.6,
around 2tb of IDE drives attached via usb2 or Firewire or internal ide,
Currently wired - networked via D-Link wireless router, but soon to be directly connected to server.
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System expansion plans to a DSM-320 and perhaps an X-box

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