phots and music fine when pc off but no videos

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phots and music fine when pc off but no videos

Postby riverboat2001 » Tue Apr 08, 2008 12:15 pm

Hi, Noob alert :D

I have a Quad Core maching, running Vista, (all available updates applied)
4.4ghz and 2gb Ram.........

NAS = Mediasonic HD-SU2LAH (firmware version NAS2890-008 Loader 32)

I just bought a Mediasonic HD9-SU2LAH NAS.......

To give you further information to assist my cause, the ebay item number was 150232115616.....

I had media centre sharing on 360's and pc all set up, and all was working fine. But i would prefer to not HAVE to the pc on all the time, so i thought a NAS would be the answer

I bought it because i saw the words Xbox 360 file sharing, as usual, in my excitement, i didn't read ALL the advert. It only says photo and music sharing.

And therein lies my problem, all 360's can "see" and play all my video files when connecting to "Twonky on HOME-PC", including videos.

However (and this is my question) when the pc is off, the 360 can still play and see, all photos and music, it doesn't see/play any of my Videos.

I don't think it's a codec problem, as when connected via the Twonky on Home-PC connection, it plays them fine..

I installed Twonky on Pc, and as that didn't work i tried to install it on NAS, it installed there okay but still no joy when pc is off

I don't think it's codec related as videos work fine from pc before using just WMP11

Can anyone, suggest where i'm going wrong, from reading the forums, it seems that the hard part is connecting to the pc, i did this with ease, but am now stuck for ideas.
ALSO, i have exactly the same problem if i use Tversity.
This leads me to believe the the problem lies with the NAS, or more probably the Network firmware it comes with. As it you can only specify MUSIC and PHOTO sharing files, there is NO OPTION to specify a video folder.

I thought Twonky would take over, however it seems i may have bought a white elephant :oops:

I have a screenprint of the firmware, but i can't upload it because it's too big

I have also tried Tversity and have posted a similar question on their forum, as both programs seem to do similar things, whichever one allows me to serve videos to 360 whilst pc is off gets my vote and donation.

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