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Postby stefvienna » Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:58 pm

Hi All,

the installation guide mentions:
"FLAC is used to transcode FLAC files to WAV – for DMPs which can not handle FLAC natively. This plugin also needs to be downloaded and installed separately."

- now I would know what to do on Windows & Linux, but I'm running TwonkyMedia on a Maxtor Shared Storage NAS. I know that openMSS ist essentially Linux, but where can I find a pre-compiled plug-in for the NAS - or am I supposed to install a cross-compiler on my Linux box first?
Has anybody tried that yet? Any hints on how to set up the cross-compilation environment?
Streaming my FLACs directly from my NAS to my DSM-320 would be really cool ... :-)

Cheers, Stefan!

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Postby mgillespie » Thu Jun 07, 2007 8:50 pm

My understanding, is that NAS do not have enough resources to transcode FLAC. If your client support FLAC, then it's fine, if not, you won't be able to transcode...
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