MPEG2-stream from tunercard live to uPnp device

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MPEG2-stream from tunercard live to uPnp device

Postby Albrecht » Sat Jun 09, 2007 11:49 pm

Hello there,

I'm looking for an uPnp server that is capable of sending a MPEG2-stream created by my Hauppauge WinTV-PVR USB2 directly (live) to my Ziova CS505.
Live, so it shouldn't envolve recording.

For example: I connect a camera to my Hauppage (s-video-input). Hauppage creates a MPEG2-stream (it has a MPEG2 encoder). This is the stream I want to watch live on my tv, using a uPnp device (I have a Ziova CS505).

There are a few applications out there that are said to be capable of doing this, however, I couldn't get them to work.
MythTV (the linux-based upnpserver) came close, but it's just not perfect. MythTV records the s-video-input and this recording is reachable via the CS505 (during the recording). So it's not really a live stream.

Nero Mediahome should also be able to do this but I couldn't get it up and running. I can get a list of tv-stations and these work, kind of... These are live streams! But CS505 does not detect the videocast from the s-video-input. So it's no good to me...

VLC player is capable of multicasting the s-video-stream, but that is not an UPNP server. So I can wath this stream on another pc, but not on my CS505.

Someone told me it was possible to combine the 'power' of VLC with the Twonky Vision uPnp server. Under Linux that is..

Does anyone know a sollution to this problem?

Thanks in advance!

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